Friday, October 30, 2009

And presenting the Tanzanian group

These are six young men, full of hormones, who are training together in Korea, will study Swahili together in Tanzania, and end their mandatory military service together as volunteers in Tanzania. Here's their brief bio:

From bottom center, clockwise:

Sungsoo - will teach science to secondary school students. SS for the past year taught music in an elementary school, even though his students were better piano players. As an avid photographer, will be the unofficial photo provider to Tomzanian. SS also slept two spots next to me in army training.

Daehee - will teach computer. DH is well known for his endless fatigue, carrying two dark bags below his eyes. DH is also known for his unpredictability, he ranked first in the first Swahili quiz, then ranked last in the exam. DH is also the oldest of the group, and has been with his girlfriend for the past 7 years.

Jinho - will teach physical education. JH is the clown of the group, always pulling off ridiculous jokes. JH currently leads the penalty points tally in the whole training group (85 or so). Numerically, he is very close to being expelled from training, but no one doubts his work ethic. Plus, training's almost over anyways. JH is also the leader of the Tanzanian group.

Jaesuk - will teach computer. JS is the youngest of the group. Hasn't really done anything particular to make himself stand out, so this space is blank.

Sungkwang - will teach computer. SK is a quiet stoic guy. Once, Samson, the Swahili teacher, asked whether he has had sex with his girlfriend. In the midst of the awkward/funny moment, SK just had a small smirk. SK's a funny kid, but not so generous with his humour. I'll have to earn it.

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Kabir said...

Who is the last guy? (haha)