Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Signs of Globalization

Signs of globalization are countless in our lives.  My cousin's girlfriend who went to college with your husband's ex husband, H&M opening in Shanghai, Nutella sold in Tanzania, and many more that you can think of.  In fact, the very computer screen that you're looking at is probably a product planned, sold, marketed, manufactured, verbed all in different countries.

I've encountered the most uncanny sign of globalization.  I was proctoring an exam, and I couldn't help but notice the eight familiar symbols of the Millennium Development Goals. I thought huh, maybe a donation or a branding initiative from UNDP.  But then I saw the words and it was in Portuguese.  I looked for clues of its origin and found a website address ending in .br.  DOT.BR!  

I'm really curious but not curious enough to break the silence of exams to ask her how she got the ruler, and now that I forgot her face so maybe I'll never find out.