Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Scratch

I had a bit itch of a curiosity when I came here.  Less economic power implies that many in the developing world live in small houses.  A family of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 can live in a single room house, or yes, even a double.  But the double doesn't provide much privacy when it's shared by your uncle, brothers, and cousins, and especially when it has a roof but no ceililng.  Throwing trash over the walls could be something fun to do.

So the itch was: how do people have sex?

I am truly grateful of kabcity for providing the Big Scratch: sex triumphs, parents have sex in front of the children.

The conversation then turned interesting, with each of us remarking the different roles sex has in poor communities.  For example, k mentioned that this makes the children have sex at an early age without protection.  In my case, I often hear many Tanzanians from other regions claim that the sexual promiscuity of the Makonde (main tribe of Mtwara) is pretty much the root of all evil in Sabasaba Secondary.

Also, the student FEMA club, which is something like a 50% functional women's rights club, has a garden near our main gate with a sign that says "sex can wait," something that my College friends would have a mild heart attack over.

p.s. another seizure incident.  This time another girl cried and began banging her head on the table.  I was asked, "is there a medicine for this in Korea?"  I am really really confused.


kabs said...

I discussed this with Suma a while back, and she was saying that in the U.S. it's considered child abuse for parents to have sex in front of their kid. Very interesting how these things vary across cultures.

TK said...

crazy stuff man, crazy stuff..

and the middle school students!! where do they get pregnant!?!?

kabs said...

at home