Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today was Prosper's (what a name!) turn to be host.  After yesterday's shocking excursions, and after seeing Prosper's bag (a manila folder!), I thought, oh boy, another trip to the poverty.  But actually, it was quite the opposite.

Prosper (what a name!) is not a student that I teach, so I had to get to know him on the walk to his home.  I asked him mostly about his family, and how they earn a living.  He is the fourth of five.  The first two are attending Universities in Dar es Salaam (which is quite a WOW in Mtwara), one is attending teacher's college, and the youngest is in primary school.  After passing through a couple of houses and fields, we reached the top of a hill.  It was a city upon a hill!  Well, more like a neighborhood and a prison.  Prosper's father worked as a prison guard, and being a military man, he has been able to take care of his family without much trouble.  His house had electricity, cement walls, and even a fridge.  The problem is that his dad is 60, and will retire in two months.  He will have no job, and he will go back to his rural village with his wife, while the kids study at their respective locations.

I doubt Prosper would have difficulty paying his fees in forthcoming years, so as the person with half the votes on his eligibility, I am still thinking. 

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