Sunday, June 27, 2010



Starting tomorrow I go on my 2 week vacation.  For many volunteers, the ENTIRE TWO YEARS is like an extended vacation, doing work half-time or quarter-time, taking really long breaks, traveling every possible damn corner of Tanzania. 

What a life!  Well, for me, it's a bit different.  I'm doing doing volunteer service instead of my mandatory military service, so I have a zillion restrictions.  One of them is that I am not permitted to exit my "work place" without a holiday or work-related-trip, much like a soldier in a barrack.  What the hell, I work at the school, and it's 200m away from my house.  I'm supposed to not leave a 200m radius?  How am I supposed to go buy food?

Oh, don't worry, the KOICA has been generous enough to expand the definition of the "work place" to the Mtwara region.  Well, thanks because Newala and Masasi are really must-see places, and they are really related to my job here.

Well, it's still a vacation.  So good bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

have fun and be safe!! -tory