Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mpapai Nyuma ya Kwangu Umeanguka

All right kids, I admit it.  I live in a crazy corner of the world that nothing like where I have lived before.  Once a friend remarked that my life reminds her of the movie the Gods Must be Crazy.  I was in complete denial, and tried to write a blog post how it's not that different at all.

It turns out, she's right after all.  There are sandstorms in my house (this does not make sense does it?), I have seen more species of insects on my bedroom floor than my entire previous life combined, my infrequent tap water is translucent (using my Korean exaggeration skills), and my students suck at math.

I digress.  I just wanted a pensive way to introduce my big event of the day.  The papai tree that once stood behind my house has fallen.  Damn, it doesn't sound as dramatic on writing.  THE PAPAI TREE FELL.  I guess it's just one of those things that isn't so cool unless you've experienced it yourself.



And yeah, the papai tree is full of sap.  It's moist and fleshy, so the insects will have a party tonight, tomorrow, and so on. 

One and a half papai fell with the tree, but they were far from ripe, so I let them be.


Anonymous said...

왠지 그 시간을 즐기고 있는것 같은 너.ㅋ

Kabir said...


Hyejin said...

정열아!!! 혜진누나야 종종와서 글 읽고 있어 =)오늘은 발자국 남기고 간당 헤헤

anne said...