Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Volunteer Soccer Story

Overseas volunteers (or study abroad students, poorer expats, world travelers etc.) do indeed have colorful stories.  Strangely though, they can be grouped by similar content. 

For example, there's the volunteer bus travel story: oh, it was supposed to be a 6 hour bus ride, but the car broke down thrice and it became 3 days, with the little baby constantly puking on me.

Or the volunteer bureaucracy story: I went to the Department of Something for some reason, but I was referred to another Department, where the secretary did not speak any English, and then I went to another office to see a tall dark stranger who asked for my passport as well as my cell phone number, and then I had to go to the police and ladiladida.

Or the volunteer water shortage story: I didn't have tap water for 6 weeks, so I flushed the toilet with the shower water, and didn't shower for the last 3 weeks and smelled like poo.

Here's the volunteer soccer story:

I was watching Arsenal vs. Liverpool, and it was tight match.  A bit cagey, but both sides producing some spectacular saves.  And then towards the end, it started to get exciting, as the desperate Arsenal players got a bit more aggressive.  And when it hit the 80th minute, reaching the peak of any dramatic football match, the electricity got cut.


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