Monday, January 25, 2010

Math Department of Saba Saba Day Secondary School

I am now a member of the math department of Saba Saba.  There are 4 teachers, each teaching 24 periods.  The teachers are:

Form 4: Mr. Mawazo
Form 3: Mr. Hideki
Form 2: Mr. Kim (me)
Form 1: Miss Yang

Mr. Hideki is a JICA volunteer and Miss Yang is a KOICA volunteer.  Mr. Hideki leaves at March and Miss Yang leaves at April.  Mr. Kim doesn’t start work until mid-February, but the term starts next week. 

So Madam Headmistress, what happens when these volunteers aren’t around?

Well, that’s a problem, but not a lot of solutions I’m afraid.  We’ll get some help.

Apparently, this is a nationwide problem, and is one for science as well.  So multiply the above problem by two, and then multiply that by a very large number to see the teaching shortage here.

Jan 16.


classroom building

in front of the school


Kabir said...

Fascinating...both this story and the one about the computers. How is teacher attendance? That's a big problem in India.

I always thought the "give stuff and then leave" was more a theoretical problem than a practical one, because I assumed people wouldn't be that stupid.

You should become a computer teacher. Math is too 20th century.

TK said...

The teacher attendance is pretty bad too. I'm not too sure of the extent, but that will be revealed soon.

I should NOT be a computer teacher. I can't do Linux. Math is 20th C, but it was also 5th C BC.