Friday, January 29, 2010

Pictures from Mtwara (and before)

For 2 weeks I was down in Mtwara.  My friend Kabir requested more pictures to be posted, so here there are.

The volunteers at Mtwara took real good care of me while I was there fore homestay.  Apparently, the homestay period is the most depressing part of the 2 years.


Seven volunteers now. Two will leave in April.

The Indian Ocean.

In front of the Old Boma at Mikindani, a neighboring town.

On the plane coming to Tanzania.

Going to Kipepeo Beach, just south of Dar.

On New Years Day, we decided to spend the free time playing Starcraft, a quintessentail Korean activity.  Of the seven volunteers, three are here to teach computer, so we set up a network with no problem.  Here's the photo of the good work:


A-Diddy said...

First of all - it is really hard for me to comment on your blog because everything is in Korea.

Second of all - you are such a nerd. I can't believe you spent new years day playing Starcraft.

It looks like you are doing well though! Keeping working at getting George's scores up.

Anonymous said...

와우~~다 여자단원들이야!!
우리 정열이 신났네 신났어!ㅋㅋ좋아좋아

Su-Hyun Lee said...

정열아, 작은 외삼촌이야.. 어제 엄마랑 이모, 이모부, 지혜, 외숙모, 형구와 같이 만났었다. 정열이 이야기도 하면서. 블로그 통해서 정열이 볼 수 있어 좋구나. 종종 와 보마..
e-mail: sleepl at changwon dot ac dot kr

Kabir said...

Thanks for the shout out buddy!

Minwoo said...

야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
완전 휴양지네 ?

Minwoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TK said...

남민우씨 다음엔 연락처도 남겨줘요