Friday, February 19, 2010


I’ve finally arrived in Mtwara, my home for the next two years.  However, for the next two months, I’ll have to live in a guest house, again.  I’m staying at Mtwara Lutheran Center, which in very plain words of the Lonely Planet:

Another good budget choice, with reasonable no-frills rooms with nets and meals with advance notice.  The rooms vary so check a few, and try to book in advance, as it’s often full.  It’s on the Southern edge of town, just off the main roundabout along the road heading to Mikindani.  Arriving by bus, ask the driver to drop you at the roundabout (which we did!).

It took a long time to get here.  I started the military training back in August, which is the beginning of my 30 month volunteer / military service, which means that it took me six months just to arrive at my work place.  I haven’t had a place to call home since May, and I won’t be moving in until late March, so that’s also a long time without a home either.

Nowadays, I’m going to school, greeting my coworkers and the headmistress, observing some classes, but overall I’m not doing much at all.  Expect similar degrees of low excitement for the next few weeks!

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