Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The training group went to Zanzibar for a two day trip.  Zanzibar is the name of my friend Naerae's student's cat.  It's also a nice island.


View from the small ass plane


On the third floor of a very modest museum


Daehee checking out Stonetown


Jino and me


Jino and Sunguang

With Namho and Sunguang.  Namho is a volunteer working in Zanzibar, and was helpful in organizing the trip.  And we did not buy those hats.


jungtae said...

이거 읽을 수 있는거야???
사진보니까 건강하고 활발하게 지내는 것 같아서 나도 기쁘다!
아까 전화 음질이 안 좋아서 통화 길게 못했네..
몸 조심하고! 많이 배워!

Narae said...

Is that Naerae me??? "Narae" :p
but!!! it isn't my student's cat's name. it is a cat's name in a book we read together. hehe.

Anonymous said...

could you please tell me what that book was called? I've been looking for ages to find it... Read it too as a kid.