Saturday, February 12, 2011

Corporal Punishment 2

A year ago I never thought I'd turn into a corporal punisher.  I admit that I use the stick because my words aren't good enough to motivate my students to do their homework.  Some who oppose corporal punishment in Sabasaba say "it doesn't work," "the ones who get lashed are used to it," and "i just talk to them."

Well, it works, and the result is INCREDIBLE.  A lot more students are doing their homework just because they fear the violence I would inflict on them.  Sure they copy each others' work, and sure only three weeks in the semester there are daily culprits.  Well, what I'm seeing is better than last year, and it's not like I have a miracle whip. 

I also have a lot of fun out of it by teasing those who give me lame excuses and those who try to dodge in a funny manner.  I usually hit them on the hand so sometimes it looks like they're dancing like MJ as they dodge.  I hit pretty hard, but the pain doesn't last too long.  I've been hit before in '96 when corporal punishment was legal and widespread in Korea.  For about three months I managed to avoid the violence, but afterwards I was borderline regular / occasional, and I began to feel less pain.  Thus, based on this extremely biased experience, I don't feel guilty when I hit them.

I feel bad for teachers in developed countries who can't use corporal punishment, how do they motivate bad students?


caitlin said...

really?! i use a clown nose and ask the troublemaker to make the whole class laugh, it seems to work pretty well and doesn't leave a mark!

Esther Han said...

I totally understand you!!! Even I had a hard time when I was in India, however, I feel sorry to tell this but what I noticed so far was that the children in developed countries are fundamentally different from those who are not..

Tory said...

just don't get carried away with it. whatever "works" works in africa, but you don't want to give them the wrong idea, ya know what i mean?

interesting.. so tommy kim is gonna spank his children later on... make sure you don't do that to your wife =p