Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day of Teaching

Yesterday was my first day of teaching, and it was pretty tough.  Standing for 6 periods, speaking and writing non-stop.  It seems that after all that, it is I, and not the students, who learned a lesson.

Teaching at Saba-Saba is pretty tough labor for a novice like me.  In all the classes, my voice had to compete with those of students next door (where are their teachers?), and the blackboard was just literally a board painted with blackboard paint.  After all that, my throat and my forearm felt stressed, and I was covered with chalk.  Perhaps more importantly, I think I made a mistake by teaching the “cube-root” and the “fourth-root,” when I should have stuck to the “square-root” only.  I think I confused the hell out of the students. After I came back to my guest house, I naturally passed out.
So lesson learned: take it easy.


Narae said...

Yeah, take it easy, "brother" (read the next post*) lol.
Be careful with your voice. Talk as if you are singing, using not so much of your throat... Otherwise you will lose your voice! It happened to me during my first year, and it's quite common with teachers.
Keep it up!! You are making the world a better place for sure! :-)

TK said...