Monday, March 22, 2010

Life without Water

I've recently moved into my house, which is provided by the school.  Due to my predecessor's parsimonious lifestyle, there is a lot of work to do.  For example, the outer-room is missing a ceiling board.

One major annoyance of this new house is that it has a water problem.  It has a 500L tank, which is filled whenever water comes in once every 3-200 days.  Right before I moved in, it was full, and fortunately, my predecessor filled the four 70L water buckets that I newly bought.  I've been using the bucket water for shower, kitchen, etc., and I've been relieved to know that I have the 500L tank filled up.  But somewhat surprisingly (or unsurprisingly considering how things get done here), the tank has been empty since Sunday.  Now, I'm expecting the worse and conserving water.  For example, as I was preparing for dinner, I had to go take a leak.  At that moment, I knew that such act would entail using about one liter of water to flush.  So, I waited until I finished dinner, washed my face, and flushed the toilet with the washed water.

And as I was writing this post the power went off.  Interesting to see how the bugs are coming closer to the candle light, and for now, killing them with fire is my new entertainment.

Hey how about some pictures!

As Alice, my predecessor, was finishing off her work at Saba Saba, the school prepared a half-day good-bye party, which included this student's ridiculous act of kungfu.  People here think Asians know all kinds of kungfu.

Moving in sucks. I decided to utilize the mask that was a in the medical kit provided by the Korean taxpayers.  

Alice wanted to do a Korean festival, which included a field day, taking pictures with Korean traditional clothes on, learning how to write your name in Korean (inspired by my friend Joe Novak who one day wrote his name in Korean after reading a wikipedia entry on Korean language), a gallery of posters on Korea, and a movie presentation.  

My students! Adamson and Sabrina.  They make going in to class 2D worthwhile.


Field day!  The sun here is just so damn hot.

This kid's shirt says "mzungu," which literally means, "white person."  It is often used for foreigners in general, because most foreigners in Tanzania are, well, whiter.  He was also doing whatever possible to touch this poor girl as much as possible.  He even sang the top TZ song "Nipigie" to her upon my request.

This festival, which happened over two weekends, was a lot of hard core labor for all of us.  This is what happened to us in the end.


Kabir said...

This most made me literally LOL several times...especially the picture of your masked moving-in.

Will try and skype you this weekend from SF!

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