Friday, March 26, 2010

I Contribute to Global Warming

This is my dumpster. 

No government agency nor company like Veolia comes to collect the trash here.  In my community, everyone is his or her own trash company.  We burn all the shit we want to throw out.  Including plastic!  Yes, I contribute to global warming, directly!  I wish I could be a bit more environmentally friendly, but hey, at least I bike.

At least there's someone benefitting from this.  Of course, plans of improvement are always welcome.

On another news, I bought my first custom made furniture for $12.  It's a mirror!  I made sure it was 50cm by 80cm, so that it approximately fits the golden ratio.  Being a math teacher, I couldn't resist such nerdy act.

And this reminded me of this:

This legendary shot of my friends eventually ended up on my college web portal, 1600grand.  We took many of these bathroom mirror shots, which are all absolutely fantastic.  These guys keep me strong here. 


A-Diddy said...

I will always love the mirror shots! Your new mirror is awesome! As much of a nerd as you are.....

You can't reuse your plastic bags for anything? I may have to send you some canvas bags for your shopping so you can contribute to global warming that much less.

jieming said...

so i randomly found this through fb, ok so i lied, i stalked you all the way here....and instead of our biannual fb birthday wishes, thought i'd come check out how you're doing. you've lost so much weight that you've become a stick. but other than that, i'm glad to know you're doing well!!

e* said...

i didn't know you started a new blog...
you are absolutely hilarious as a blogger (as a general human being, i'm not so sure...hahaha, i kid, i kid). keep up the entertaining posts!

Kabir said...

I am sure your carbon footprint in Mtwara is exponentially smaller than while you were in MN.(does that make sense? I'm thinking like x^(1/y), where x is the Mac-Tommy pollution and y is a large number...I was not a math major so this is probably bs)

TK said...

ADT - i went to the market using a canvas bag. it saves plastic bags, but where do i put my food trash in the evening?

JM - welcome! I'll have to send you a more personal thank you.

Esth - you're not that funny either.

Kabs - your equation actually works. but at the same time, i knew you would write an equation that would work since you could not resist such nerdy act yourself