Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bed Nets

mala-ria hai-ku-ba-ri-ki

is an extremely catchy anti-malarial campaign tune.  Needless to say, most beds here have bed nets.  The falciparum (or however it's spelled) strain of malaria is the most lethal kind, and it's most active between 10pm and 4am.  Hence, the bed net is an important health issue.  But also, it's just really annoying to get bitten all night long.

Anyways, one problem about beds here is that they're not very tall, and I'm at the moment grateful that I'm only 173cm (or 5.8 I think).  Here's why:

This is a diagram of my tall friend Kabir sleeping in the US.  He is so used to beds that don't fit him that he is accustomed to sleeping with his feet sticking out of the bed
And this is a diagram of him in Tanzania, if he came.

I wonder how Hasheem Thabeet did it.


Kabir said...

Good to know.

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Mostquitos singing "fiesta!" lol

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