Sunday, April 11, 2010


At the moment, all the my electrical appliances are plugged off.  After a rather long period of power cut, the electricity has returned, but the voltage has been extremely unstable.  I heard about these catastrophic life threaning events that eventually messes up fridges, TVs, and others.  Upon my neighbor's suggestion I even unplugged my fridge with a kilo of pork inside :(.  And afterwards, I saw my outer light get short circuited, and then another one inside while I was brushing my teeth.

This isn't one of those "oh-this-is-Tanzanian-life" moment.  It's just really annoying.

Hey how about a diagram? It's the first one of my house!

As you can see the lights that got short-circuited are marked with a red X.  The outer light serves as a security tool that makes outsiders understand that somebody's home.  My outer light happens to be useful to my neighbors who use the communal bathroom nearby.  I, fortunately, have my own.  The outer light of my immediate neighbor went out as well, but this isn't bad as Ms. Shoje's home, who had all of her lights get short circuited.  So, multiply this by 4 and add 1 (all the lights in the school went out) to see how much damage the school got, and then, multiply by a very large number to see how this could be a national problem.

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Tory said...

wow i'm actually learning about the infrastructural underdevelopment as one of the developmental traps in Africa, and you're actually experiencing all of this first-handed. you know what, the truth of the matter is, life is hard and annoying wherever you are. but as long as you have a worthy purpose for it, your work is viable. and i see that you have a good one :)

cheer up! at least you have the internet to surf around when you're bored :)