Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today was a rather frustrating day.  This week has required me a lot of flexibility, as most of the classrooms have been unusable as the blackboard paints are still in the process of drying.  This made all the teachers combine classes and change schedules to fit ourselves in 2 labs + couple of classrooms we haven't worked on.  The stresses of today, however, are not related to this.  When I went to teach my first class, one teacher has sent them all to do "some work."  This entails cutting grass and other some friggin shit work that I don't give a damn.  And then 10 minutes before my second class, there was a staff meeting.  The electricity was cut for much of the day, and hence it was ridiculously hot.  I was even sweating in my thighs.  And to make matters worse, the meeting was all in Swahili, and I couldn't understand a thing.  And apparently, it was about how the teachers have not done their duties, and hence the department of education is not too impressed.  In conclusion, I taught no class today.  Instead, I fixed 6 punctures (or pan-cha in Swahili) in my bike, had lunch at Dubai, and bought bread.

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