Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have a crazy friend and his name is ...


Tory is my testicular buddy, a Korean euphemism for good old friend.  I've been friends with Tory since 4th grade, and given how we live such nomadic lives, that's like embryonic days in terms of TCK-years.

 Isn't he so charming?

Tory sent me a care package today, and he displayed his Americaness by stuffing it with candy.  I have received a number of parcels, cards, and letters from the past, all of them very heart-warming.  Tory told me weeks ago that he sent me a package so I pestered Mr. Nalamba for the past two weeks about a possible parcel, and today, finally, he gave  me a yellow postage slip.  I went to the post office on my bike with a moderate sized back pack, only to receive this:

 Can't decipher the size?

It was indeed an awkward bike ride home.

 And if that was the postage cost, it must have been a cussing large package.

Tory Kam, responsible for Tommy Kim's caloric intake since December 15, 2010.

 Back in the beginning of dry season, or late spring for you Northerners, Tory asked,

"Hey I'm going to send you a package.  Do you miss anything in particular?"

"I dunno, but I miss Reeses a bit."

So I get not only reeses, but ritz, twix, snickers, spam, tea, coffee, more coffee, gum (which I have not chewed for 2 years), plastic bags (just plastic bags, I'm confused Tory), nutella, oreo, wipes, deodorant, blah, blah, blah, and most importantly, a card.

 Gotta kill those tropical germs (on your armpits) fool!

He sent you TWO NUTELLAS? No, in fact the one on the right is what I bought at the store here.  Nutella is indeed globa.  Just as a side note, yes that book is Internatioanl Relations and the Problem of Differene by Naeem Inayatullah and David Blaney.


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Jane said...

AWW! How sweet :) I could send you some cookies too...but they might get dried out or just really crumbled.