Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am often asked what I do with my weekends.  Indeed with few friends a whole lot of time, what do I do?

My weekends are dominated by two main activities.  One is church (yay!).  The other is watching Arsenal play at Mtwara Guesthouse.  I highly recommend you to avoid Mtwara Guesthouse for lodging when you visit Mtwara, as it will be loud with rowdy football fans.

Notice the tension??

Alert! High testosterone level.

The day's schedule, with 500/= (35cent) entrance fee for each match.
In the beginning, I passed this venue multiple times, really wanting to enter and join the matches, but at the same time, I was a bit reluctant.  A shaby guest house filled with testosterone did not seem to be a safe place for a foreigner to be.  After a while, however, I thought oh what the hell, and went in.  Until now, I have missed only a few games this season, and it feels great as a fan to watch Arsenal every week.  Plus, this year, we're going to win.

P.S. The first two pictures are from a different match than the third one.  I planned to post this earlier, but earlier match was such a depressing heartbreaker, I could not bear posting then.


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